Friday, 1 July 2011

The restless consumer

Hello.  This is a blog about consumer experiences.   If you want to let off steam about this Madison Avenue world, email me with your rant and your blogger or otherwise handles that you wish me to use for the post, and I will probably post it. I reserve the right to edit for readability; if you want something published unedited and it's unreadable, then I probably won't publish it.

I don't mean to sound forbiddingly stern, though! In truth, I'm nice and cuddly and if I have to edit I'll do it with velvet gloves. It seems to me that a blog with a whole bunch of consumer experiences published in the same place may provide some very useful anecdata for anyone browsing by, and that anecdata may end up improving our various services and industries. I'd really like people to email me with whatever they have.

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