Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Post Office returned my money

It’s occurred to me that some people might be wondering if the Post Office really did refund the money I paid them for home and contents insurance. In my most recent post, I said that they promised to reimburse me most of the money I’d paid, provided that I sent them the schedule of home and contents insurance by post.

They insisted on the original document, which worried me: if it got “lost in the post”, would I have any redress? I decided to send it by regular post anyway, but get it photocopied first so that I would have a record that it once existed. This meant that the task ahead of me – if I wanted my money back, that is – involved writing and printing a covering letter, getting a document photocopied and then posting it. Unsurprisingly, I put it off for a week or so.

Before I’d got round to the job of doing all the things the Post Office said were necessary to get my money back, I spotted that they’d paid the money back into my account anyway. I was obviously very glad I didn’t have to jump through those hoops after all, but annoyed that yet again, someone in the call centre had given me information that was at variance with reality as I perceive it.

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